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What is gumboro disease - Gumboro virus and its basic story - economic loss in poultry industry

Gumboro disease It is a viral disease, it is more common in poultry. It is a highly contagious and immunosuppressive disease. It affects young chickens caused by this IBD virus (IBDV). Gumboro disease brutally losses the poultry industry worldwide. Virus name- Infectious bursal disease (IBD). It belongs to "Birnaviridae" family. Higher classification- Avibirnavirus. Suspectable hosts- Pigeons, pied cordon blues (Uraeginthus bengalus), village weavers (Ploceus cucullatus) speckled pigeons (Columba guinea), laughing doves (Streptolepia senegalensis), Antarctic penguins, and various raptors and passerines in Japan. Infact gumboro virus is detected in lesser mealworm (Alphitobius spp.), Dog could be potential host for this IBVD virus. Salmonid fish is one of the susceptive host of this kind of poultry virus. Variant- Serotype analysis may define it into two variants- serotype 1 viruses cause disease in chickens. Serotype 2 strains of the virus attacks chickens and turkeys but have not caused clinical disease or immunosuppression in these hosts. Suspectable age- 3-6 weeks of age. • The basic symptoms & treatments of the Gumboro disease is put on the next article. Follow the next article.