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Cow Breed briefing season- Gir Cow- the warrior of Gujarat

Gir cow breed •Breed- Bos indicus •Origin- West India - Gujrat •Features- Round, domed forehead, ultraconvex breed, long pendulous ears, back & front part of horn is spiral, red through yellow to white body colour. •Weight & height- 385kg-130cm(Cows), 545kg-140cm(Bulls), 20kg(Calf at birth) •Milking capacity- 1590kg per lactation, 6-10liters/day(average) in brazil 3500 kg per lactation. Gir may produces upto 50 liters milk/day. •Fat quantity- Ranged from 4.5-4.9% •Speciality- Heat and disease resistive breed of India, high milking capacity, zebu cattle enlisted, premium quality A2 beta casein protein substances in milk. •Milk price in Indian States per Ltr. - Karnataka-50-200rs Maharashtra-60-120rs Tamilnadu-60-140rs Gujarat- 70-200rs Haryana -80-160rs Kerala-80-160rs Bangalore-90-200rs Pune -100-200rs Uttar Pradesh -100-200rs •Ghee price/ltr.- 1500-2500rs. •Cost per day/cow- Not more than 70-80rs. •Feeding quantity- 30kg green fodder & 10kg dry fodder. •Gir cow price range- May 30,000-1.5lakh rs. depends on milk yielding capacity. i.e in Gujarat, 28,000-30,000rs per 100kg body weight.